Bianca recently graduated from the Maine College of Art in Portland, Maine. She lives in a small town in the southernmost point of Maine. Bianca has worked as an intern for branding studios in Portland such as Murphy Empire and Rugged Coastal. She has experience in branding / identity design and hand lettering. This summer she worked as an Art Direction intern at the VIA Agency. This provided a wonderful experience working in at an agency, feeding Bianca's passion for Art Direction. Working and growing with an agency is something she would love to pursue. Bianca is always available for commissions and collaborations.
Favorite Sights
Sunday, Aug 26.  6:00am on the beach.​​​​​​​
Sailing with the best coworkers a design intern could ask for.
A very busy New York City.
Things I Collect​​​​​​​
I absolutely love my coaster collection; a hobby of mine that is going on it's third year. Currently I have a little over 150 coasters. I find it interesting to look at the design aesthetics from different beer / liquor / win brands, and how styles change over time. I even have a few German beer coaster from the 40's. I always love finding something new to pin up on my wall.
Even though I don't own these signs, I love taking pictures of neon signs (so I still consider this a collection). Theres something cool about these bright colors glowing in the corner of a dark room or a low-lit street at night.
As you can probably gather, these are pictures of interesting (or not so interesting) typography in the environment. I also consider this a collection. I feel some sort of designerly instinct to snap a photo when I see typography on something other than a piece of paper.
Neat-O findings
Lovee finding fun patterns
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